Eucalyptus Uses for Skin Care

Almost everyone is aware of the eucalyptus oil uses and its benefits; the oil has been used for centuries to treat a number of health conditions

For those of you who are not aware, this oil is extracted from the predominant eucalyptus trees in Australia. It works well as a natural pharmaceutical product, an antiseptic, pest repellent, and an aromatic antibacterial disinfectant.

This oil is extracted from the Eucalyptus forest trees. However, not all trees are suitable for yielding oil. There are only certain species from the leaves of which the oil is steam distilled. The medicinal attributes of different species vary. The oil extracted from the Australian Eucalyptus globulus tree is considered the best oil. Today, around 5% of the oil comes from Australia, while the remaining 95% is contributed by China.

The distinct woody aroma and taste of eucalyptus oil is generated by the chief active ingredient- cineole, which is also known as eucalyptol. Pure oil has 100% cineole, while the pharmaceutical products have 70% oil content. Some of the medicinal products also contain 40% this oil.

Eucalyptus Oil Uses for skin care

The oil is largely used for first aid purposes because of its remedial and healing properties. It is used for the treatment of blisters, minor wounds, cuts, and bruises. Application of the oil also helps in easing skin irritation and insect bites. This oil has been renowned to relieve muscle pain due to its anti inflammatory properties. The anti inflammatory properties make it an excellent treatment for stiff muscles, aches and other pain related issues. One of the main reasons eucalyptus oil is preferred is due to its cooling properties.

Massaging a few drops on the temples and forehead helps in relieving sinus pressure and headache. Muscle pain can also be treated effectively by adding it to massage oil. This oil can be used as a mouthwash to kill staphylococcus bacteria, which is a form of bacteria that causes bad breath and other mouth problems.

Medicinal uses

A few drops of eucalyptus, when added to vaporizer, can make breathing easier by acting as a room humidifier. It cools and freshens up the skin when a few drops mixed with water are applied on the forehead and neck. The oil is effective in treating respiratory tract ailments, sinusitis, rheumatism, and tuberculosis. It provides relief from ailments such as asthma and arthritis. The oil also works well as a stimulant to increase cardiac activity.

Pest Deterrent

Pure essential oil is used as a natural pest deterrent to keep annoying bugs at bay. It has germicidal properties and it is used by travellers to prevent diseases like malaria. Rubbing of the oil on the skin of the pet eases pain. This oil is effective in the treatment of septicaemia and parasite infestations.

Household Eucalyptus Oil Uses

Eucalyptus oil works as a natural disinfectant for toilets and as pest repellent to prevent bugs from entering their homes. Its use is quite common as a dish detergent and a wash-flooring product for cleaning counter surfaces. The combination of this oil and water is used to remove sticker residue from glass surfaces. Paint, ink, and grease stains on clothes can be removed easily with this oil, and many people use it as non-toxic room freshener and a car freshener.

Eucalyptus oil uses are extensive and it benefits on the skin is gaining notoriety. Due to this it is considered an universal oil for its ability to teat skin and health problems.

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