Health Tips for Tired New Moms

You have a new baby! What a fulfilling and awesome feeling it is to have brought a new little life into this world to become a part of your lives and home. There is so mtch to plan for, so many things to do for this little one, and so many new things to buy! But along with the newness and excitement of it all comes the reality of responsibility, the encroaching demands and needs to be met.

Taking care of a new baby is emotionally draining, and sometimes physically daunting. Your baby needs to be fed, not only during the daytime hours but also at night, and will wake up usually every 2-4 hours to eat. It is no easy task to adjust to night after night of interrupted sleep!

It is normal to feel the fatigue and exhaustion, and it can be an encouragement to know that you are not alone. This is common for new mothers, and it is an adjustment that is sometimes a bit unexpected. There is, however, help for the weary and hope for renewed spirits!

The first rule of thumb is to get some sleep whenever and wherever you can. Your baby may be two or three months old before you are getting regular, long-term sleep. If your baby is awake and crying much of the night, he or she will probably sleep well during the day. If you can, take a nap during these times. Or try to go to bed earlier than normal. You will be able to function better for that next round of feeding and diapering if you get that power nap. Cleaning the house and doing the dishes can wait for now. You will need to conserve your energy for taking care of yourself and the baby at this point.

Make sure your spouse/partner stays in the loop. There are things he can do to help, whether it is to change a late-night diaper, or take over a feeding of expressed milk or formula. Make sure you have things laid out and user-friendly, whether it be your spouse/partner, or yourself that is getting up with the baby in the middle of the night.

Sometimes babies cry out in their sleep - make sure your baby is fully awake before you go to pick him up. If you hear a cry, wait for a few minutes, and if the noise continues, then go to him. Sometimes it is a false alarm! Many times your baby will go back to sleep without you having to get up, but if you disturb him prematurely, he will not go back to sleep, and neither will you!

If you have family members or friends that live close by, do not hesitate to ask for help. People are only too glad to pitch in. Surround yourself with other new mothers in your area. There are local groups where you can connect with mothers that are experiencing similar things such as exhaustion and baby sleep schedules! The Internet is also a valuable resource for finding groups that consist of new mothers with young children. An exchange of ideas and circumstances can re-affirm as well as give you new and resourceful ideas.

Do not neglect your own needs! It is important to set aside time for yourself, whether it means having some quiet time reading or a short phone conversation with a friend or relative. Put your feet up for a few minutes or take a soothing bath; whatever rejuvenates and relaxes you, even if it is for a short period of time.

Last but not least, try to eat foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins like fresh organic fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. Cook with wholesome organic oils like olive oil and coconut oil which promote healing and protect your body's immune system. Stress and exhaustion stemming from lack of sleep can deprive you of health and vitality. You will be able to get through this uncertain time much more easily if you care for yourself as well as you care for your baby.

Remember, these first few months with your baby will only last for a season! It will pass soon enough into something different, so try to pace yourself during this time.Take care of yourself and life with your baby will be meaningful, brimming with love, joy and hope for the future!

A mom with a new baby is facing a life change and major adjustments in her home as well as in her own personal routine. Taking care of herself is one of the best things she can do for her new baby as well as for her family during this time. Offering our families healthful foods, a clean environment and organic options is important. You can find healthful information and highly rated baby products at